Great Airlines for Young Children

There are tons of airlines out there, some great for traveling children, some, not so much… These are out top 5 airlines for getting you to and from your destination happy and relaxed:

SouthWest – 2 free bags checks plus 1 carry-on per person, great movie and entertainment, free itinerary changes, and early boarding for families means no one will be sitting the next row over.

British Airways – Great for long hauls, BA provides a bassinet to families in bulkhead seats, diapers, baby food, and free flight bags containing activity books, crayons, and toiletries.

Virgin America – If you’re traveling with kids under 5 you get to board first and enjoy famously spacious seats as well as premier entertainment systems with live TV and video games.

Air Transat – One of Canada’s best, they have exclusive family check-in lines, bassinets for babies in bulkhead seats, stimulating children’s activity books, and infants fly free when sitting on a guardian’s lap.

JetBlue – Pre-boarding for families with children under 2, unlimited juice and snacks for hungry mouths, plus guaranteed kid-appropriate movies and entertainment.

While these great airlines take care of your transit, we’ll get the baby gear – cribs, strollers, car seats, toys – anything your kiddos need so you can make epic memories, sleep well, and avoid expensive luggage fees and damaged baby gear.

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